Tuesday 8 June 2010

Shirt of shame

Vic wearing full shame kit haha

In Nantwich

Texts from Cathy:
Just in cold bath at hotel in Nantwich :)
Hills were ok n just sort of the rolling kind

Finding our hotel

We had no idea where our hotel was in Nantwich so we askd a lady in a car park. She kindly offered to lead us there and said she would drive slowly. She shot off at fifty miles an hour! We just about kept her in sight puffing along after hundred miles we certainly didnt look smooooth!

Premier Inn

So far Premier Inn hav been able to do our washing and dry our manky shoes we r so grateful totally cool dude at Nantwich!

Shirt of Shame

Awarded for changing clothes at least four times today!

Harmer Hill

I knew we should have turned left ! Note we have been joined by Fabian Cancellara!

Bishops Castle

Soaked through n mud splashed



Its still raining and grey outside wonda if anyone will notice im not there! Gonna wear two pairs of shorts to avoid more saddle sores! Bum likely to look huge!