Tuesday 15 June 2010

Station at Thurso

On our way to Inverness looking good and feeling strong KO!

Who shrunk Vic?

Bum biographies

This is not the end that kept people awake all night!

Bum biographies

The owner of this bum must have been a pub singer in a previous life!

Bum biography

( Unfairly)the pre~event fav for the shirt of shame but proved her doubters wrong as always blasted up the hills!


no pics of john o groats as phone conked out. this is a pic of my record sheet stamp and confirms our nightly stops. we are now END TO ENDERS mission accomplished at 7.15pm after 125 miles yesterday. a total of 1037 miles in ten days. Today we are travelling to Inverness for day of hard drinking, carousing and lazing around. just like the last ten days. o will post the other bum biogs today. Thank you for following our blog we are now available for after dinner speaking and motivational boozing x


The menu options at Hooters

Nearly there!


Jog end in sight

Just to prove im still there!

Only 67mls to go!


Bum biographies


Faffing at Bonar Bridge or is that Lairg?

Mark preparing for a final lube

Looking good