Sunday 13 June 2010


Nous sommes dans le Nord dEcosse. Il fait du vent, il pleut et naturelment il et tres froid! X j attends le 19 avec impatience xx

More hills

We kept off the main trunk rds and onto some stinker hills. The worst was fifteen pc for nrly a mile. We were popping eyes n nearly blacking out by the time granny rings had ground us to the top. So glad to c vic n thd van! Midges r evrywher yuk!

somehow Tim has blagged 6eggs for brekky yuk! We saw James Cracknells cavalcade this morn at Fort Augustus.

Tim knocked a nice tune

Tim knocked a nice tune of Mustang Sally on the bedroom door next to his and Marks room believing it to b Vics room . but it was some poor mans room. Evasive action might b needed at brekky!

Vic our guardian angel

Brekky served with a smile

120 miles

forgot to mention that we did 120 miles yesterday, crawled into hotel at 8.30pm a bit peckish. apparently today will b a bit easier, lets hope so!