Thursday 10 June 2010


Tim in full pulling gear in Hooters Dumfries

Evening meal at Dumfries

Shirt of Shame

Its my turn to wear the shirt of shame cos i havent worn it yet. The rest of the outfit is office socks, shorts and some bad earrings. The inflatable wig was tricky to keep on as it was overblown!

Gretna Green

Any takers?


Not far to go now!


At last we r at Border control Scotland.


Tim having a well earned rest

The Shap

Half way up the shap, pic taken by two cyclists with a combined age of one hundred and twenty! The Shap was a 1400mclimb over 15 miles of rough roads, with high cross and oncoming winds. Oxygen masks optional. I left most of my face skin sumwhere along it. As the road descended it was impossible to go faster due to the winds.

Premier Inn, Dumfries - Thursday Night's Stop-Over

Looks welcoming. More pictures on the hotel's web site.

The team have come such a long way since leaving the south eastern tip of England on Saturday morning; having passed through Wales on Monday, today they'll arrive in Scotland!

Have you seen all of the pictures arranged on a map of the UK? Just go to the photo web album, and click on the View Map link on the right-hand side of the screen (below the small map). Having done that, you can click on any of the individual photo thumbnails to see it displayed larger on the map. And then(!) you can click Play (just above the big photo) to get an animated slideshow of the photos and watch them travel up the country

Pre journey stretch in Kendal

Also known as faffing!

Kendal Central, Premier Inn - Wednesday Night's Location

Last night's stop looks nice. There's more pics on the hotel's web site.


This is vics toast the sign nxt to the toaster said not to adjust it!


A pic of the bed that i didnt want to leave