Tuesday 15 June 2010

Station at Thurso

On our way to Inverness looking good and feeling strong KO!

Who shrunk Vic?

Bum biographies

This is not the end that kept people awake all night!

Bum biographies

The owner of this bum must have been a pub singer in a previous life!

Bum biography

( Unfairly)the pre~event fav for the shirt of shame but proved her doubters wrong as always blasted up the hills!


no pics of john o groats as phone conked out. this is a pic of my record sheet stamp and confirms our nightly stops. we are now END TO ENDERS mission accomplished at 7.15pm after 125 miles yesterday. a total of 1037 miles in ten days. Today we are travelling to Inverness for day of hard drinking, carousing and lazing around. just like the last ten days. o will post the other bum biogs today. Thank you for following our blog we are now available for after dinner speaking and motivational boozing x


The menu options at Hooters

Nearly there!


Jog end in sight

Just to prove im still there!

Only 67mls to go!


Bum biographies


Faffing at Bonar Bridge or is that Lairg?

Mark preparing for a final lube

Looking good

Monday 14 June 2010

Text Update - Journey Complete!

I just got a text from Cathy:
Made it finally at 7:15. Phone died. There are no pics for blog at mo :(
First 80 miles were a hill slog; an eagle was looking at me as carrion I was moving so slowly! Last 45 were a bit flatter but crappy wind!
At hotel now. Gonna meet others at 9:30 for fish n chips


First van stop after thirty miles only ninety to go!

On the way!

This is it!

Bonar bridge

Our stopover last nite was at Bonar Bridge but for sum reason the person who booked it thought it was at L airg ten miles away! Luckily we got a call before we had gone too far but we ended up doing eight miles more than we needed to!

Sunday 13 June 2010


Nous sommes dans le Nord dEcosse. Il fait du vent, il pleut et naturelment il et tres froid! X j attends le 19 avec impatience xx

More hills

We kept off the main trunk rds and onto some stinker hills. The worst was fifteen pc for nrly a mile. We were popping eyes n nearly blacking out by the time granny rings had ground us to the top. So glad to c vic n thd van! Midges r evrywher yuk!

somehow Tim has blagged 6eggs for brekky yuk! We saw James Cracknells cavalcade this morn at Fort Augustus.

Tim knocked a nice tune

Tim knocked a nice tune of Mustang Sally on the bedroom door next to his and Marks room believing it to b Vics room . but it was some poor mans room. Evasive action might b needed at brekky!

Vic our guardian angel

Brekky served with a smile

120 miles

forgot to mention that we did 120 miles yesterday, crawled into hotel at 8.30pm a bit peckish. apparently today will b a bit easier, lets hope so!

Friday 11 June 2010


Big thanks to Liz and Lorna for some great rolls at lunchtime. We were all hungry and swooped on them like vultures. The scenery today has been amazing, alythough when you see the windfarms you know what u r in for! Eventually we arrived in Greenock at 7.15 having done 110 miles.

Shirt of shame

Joss was elected to wear the shirt

Pre ride adjustments

Just before we set off this morning we all need to tug at clothing

Thighs at dawn!


Some one asked bout our injurys, collectively we have saddle sores, pressure sores, aching muscles, nettle stings and sore eyes frm the wind!


Tim after a hard party at Hooters

Thursday 10 June 2010


Tim in full pulling gear in Hooters Dumfries

Evening meal at Dumfries

Shirt of Shame

Its my turn to wear the shirt of shame cos i havent worn it yet. The rest of the outfit is office socks, shorts and some bad earrings. The inflatable wig was tricky to keep on as it was overblown!

Gretna Green

Any takers?


Not far to go now!


At last we r at Border control Scotland.


Tim having a well earned rest

The Shap

Half way up the shap, pic taken by two cyclists with a combined age of one hundred and twenty! The Shap was a 1400mclimb over 15 miles of rough roads, with high cross and oncoming winds. Oxygen masks optional. I left most of my face skin sumwhere along it. As the road descended it was impossible to go faster due to the winds.

Premier Inn, Dumfries - Thursday Night's Stop-Over

Looks welcoming. More pictures on the hotel's web site.

The team have come such a long way since leaving the south eastern tip of England on Saturday morning; having passed through Wales on Monday, today they'll arrive in Scotland!

Have you seen all of the pictures arranged on a map of the UK? Just go to the photo web album, and click on the View Map link on the right-hand side of the screen (below the small map). Having done that, you can click on any of the individual photo thumbnails to see it displayed larger on the map. And then(!) you can click Play (just above the big photo) to get an animated slideshow of the photos and watch them travel up the country

Pre journey stretch in Kendal

Also known as faffing!

Kendal Central, Premier Inn - Wednesday Night's Location

Last night's stop looks nice. There's more pics on the hotel's web site.


This is vics toast the sign nxt to the toaster said not to adjust it!


A pic of the bed that i didnt want to leave

Wednesday 9 June 2010


just had chicken n chips for supper then a mcflurry! The ladies in the chip shop all exchanged glances when they said we had to climb the Shap tomorrow! sounds like its gonna b a hard slog in granny ring. on the positive side every up has a down :)

Fish n chips

Anotha low carb meal in Kendal


Another tough day as it was v windy from Carnforth to Kendal. The Premier Inn here is newish and staff helpful, so washing all arranged! Tim had boiled eggs for lunch so it will probably be windy tomorrow too!

Boys at carnforth